These links are a result of a great deal of research that I completed for developing the Dragon Curriculum.  I encourage you to use them for your own personal use, especially for educational use.  The entire content of these sites has not yet been evaluated, so some links will be much more useful than others.  I can provide you with a list of sites that I trust and use, if you prefer.  If you would like to use this list of resources on an educational website, I only ask that you give me credit.  This list of resources may not be used on commercial sites.


A1 Reptiles.  Bearded Dragon Care Sheet. <>

Alta Brewer.  Bearded Dragon FAQ. <>

Andersonís Creek Primary School.  Bearded Dragon. < dragon.htm>

Barringer, Jeff.  Bearded Dragon Forum. <>

Bartlett, Richard.  Bearded Dragon: Facts and Advice on Care and Breeding.  Barrons Educational Series, 2000.

Bearded <>

Bearded Dragons. <>

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Bosch, Alan.  The Australian Bearded Dragon- Care Sheets. <>

Brown, Dr. Rosanne.  Bearded Dragon Rancho San Diego Animal Hospital.  <>

Brzezniak, M.  Beardieland. <>

Buck, Ronnie.  AB Herps.  <>.

Bulat, Dwayne and Alison.  Caresheet. <>

Caron, Michelle.  Bearded Dragons. <>

Ceven, Jennifer.  Dragonís Castle.  <>

Corzine, Jack.  Bearded Dragons. <>

Curran, Tim.  Radical Reptiles - Bearded Dragons. <>

Dachiu, Robert and Victoria.  Bearded Dragons and Other Creatures.  <>.

Davis, Gary.  Bearded Dragon Care. <>

de Vosjoli, Philippe and Mailloux, Robert.  The Bearded Dragon Manual.  Advanced Vivarium Systems, 2001.

Discovery Communications.  Lizards! Lizards of the World - Inland Bearded Dragon. <>

Elliott the Bearded Dragon. <>

Faust, Deanne.  Inland Bearded Dragon. <>

Goss, Ed.  Bearded Dragons. <>

Grenard, Stephen.  The Bearded Dragon : An Owners Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet.  Hungry Minds, Inc., 1999.

Hamingson, Anita.  Setting Up a Home for a Bearded Dragon. <>

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Harrington, Keyt.  What is a Bearded Dragon? <>

Henry, Lisa.  Bearded Dragon Care. <>

Hoser, Raymond.  Bearded Dragon from an Australian Perspective. <>

Hundt, Adam.  Bearded Dragon - <>

Hyde, Phil.  Bearded Dragon. <>

Jorden, Chris.  Inland Bearded Dragon. < sheet.htm>

Lima, Chris.  Bearded Dragon Care Sheet. <>

Lizard Ranch.  About Beardeds. <>

Mailloux, Bob.  Bearded Dragon Caresheet. <>

Marshall, Jason.  Reptile Hobbyist.

Martin, A. - Article: Bearded Dragon Care. <>

Martin, M.  SnapDragon - Bearded Dragon. <>

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McLeod, Lianne.  Bearded Dragon Care. <>

Meakin, Dr. Dan.  Medical Services. <>

Mears, Bill.  Bearded Dragon Breeders and Suppliers Network. <>

Mears, Bill.  Borderview Bearded Dragons.  <>.

Mertz, Greg, DVM. The Odd Pet Vet.  334 Chestnut Street, Needham, MA; (781) 251-9131.

Mertz, Greg.  Discovery Reptiles.  <>

Netscape, Inc.  Open Directory - Recreation: Pets: Reptiles and Amphibians: Lizards: Bearded Dragons. <>

Newcomb, Rob.  Care Sheets: Bearded Dragon. <>

Oakland Zoo.  Australia: Bearded Dragon. <>

Palika, Liz.  Your Bearded Dragonís Life: Your Complete Guide to Caring for Your Pet at Every Stage of Life.  Prima Publishing, 2000.  Reptiles and Amphibians: Lizards: Bearded Dragon. <>

Price, Mitchell and Hazel.  Bearded Dragon- Care Sheet. <>

Ratermann, Todd.  SouthEastern Outdoors: Bearded Dragon. <>

Reptile Rescue Canada.  Bearded Dragons. <>

Reptiles Magazine.

Reptiles Magazine.  Bearded Dragon Species Profile.  <>.

Richards, Chris.  Inland Bearded Dragon Care. <>

Rimblas, Jorge and Julie.  Bearded Dragon Eggs. <>

Salazar, Miguel.  Bearded Dragon Care Sheet. <>

Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens.  Bearded Dragon.  <>.

Scott, Dr. Robin.  Bearded Dragon Care. <>

Sladick, Rick.  Bearded Dragons Plus | A Division of Forked-Tongue Enterprises. <>

Snider, Andy.  Diet for Bearded Dragon. <>

Spicer, Martin.  Bearded Dragon Care. <>

Steve and Michael.  Bearded Dragon. <>

Tosney, K.W. Tosneyís Bearded Dragon Care.  <>.

Underwood, Eileen.  Bearded Dragon. <>

Underwood, Eileen.  Inland Bearded Dragon.  <>.

Vandiver, Tom and Jackie.  Bearded Dragons and More. <>

Vincent, Adrienne.  Bearded Dragon. <>

Waltman, B.  Ultra Dragons, Reptiles, Bearded Dragons, and Dinosaurs. <>

Weis, Peter.  Bearded Dragons. <>

Weis, Peter.  The Care of the Australian Bearded Dragon.  <>.

Weis, Peter.  The Inland Bearded Dragon, Pogona vitticeps. <>

Weiss, Peter.  Care of the Australian Bearded Dragon. <>

Wesley, Scott.  Bearded Dragon Care Information. <>

Woodland Park Zoo.  Animal Fact Sheets. <>

Ziring, Neal.  Home Page of Sidney the Bearded Dragon. <>

Zoffer, David.  The Guide to Owning a Bearded Dragon: Selection, Housing, Feeding, Breeding, Ailments, Frilled Dragons.  TFH Publications, 1998.

Zookeeper.  Bearded Dragon Caresheet. <>

Zulich, Alan.  Bearded Dragon Care. <>

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