Falcor: the most lovable, well-behaved bearded dragon on Earth!  Enjoys going to the park, playing with children, and basking in the sunshine!


My name is Falcor, and I am Jen's first bearded dragon. She won me in a raffle at a reptile show in Rhode Island, when I was a growing juvenile. Since January 2001, I have grown nearly a foot, and gained a lot of weight. I am now an adult, weighing in at nearly a pound, and I am 21" long.

Over the months as I have grown, I have lived in progressively larger habitats. I started out in a 30-gallon aquarium, then the aquarium with an upward plexiglass extension, and now I have half of the castle pictured on the front page. I have lots of room to run, climb, hunt, and lounge. I can even climb to the very top of the partition and look over at my girlfriend, Buttercup.

Jen and her family finally decided to allow Buttercup and me to meet one another. She had been concerned about the amount of responsibility, research, resources, and time that allowing bearded dragons to breed can bring. Buttercup and I are proud to announce that our 11 babies have hatched!  Jen sold 8 babies, and there are still 3 very happy and healthy "little" dragons living at Jen's house.

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