Buttercup: beautiful, feisty, full of spunk.  Enjoys being a princess, teasing Falcor, and eating lots of food!

Hi! I'm Buttercup, Falcor's girlfriend. Jen went to a reptile show in New Hampshire, with a feeling that she might get a second dragon. When she saw me hanging on the breeder who raised me (Lizard Lover), she knew she had to have me. After much nervous deliberation and a few long distance calls to her family, she gained the courage to buy me!

As you may notice, I am beautiful (and definitely not modest!) I am a Sandfire cross, meaning that the patterns and colors on my back are due to my genes, and that aspects of both will be passed on to my children. Jen was hoping that Falcor's orange highlights will complement the Sandfire color and patterning that was passed onto our children.  She was right!  Our children were beautiful and had vibrant colors right out of the shell!  They are certainly colorful and lovable dragons!

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