Falcor and Buttercup are the very spoiled dragons that reside in the Dragon's Castle. I won Falcor in a raffle at a Reptile Show in Rhode Island. He's a very lovable dragon who has amazed us for the past year. I bought Buttercup as a treat for both Falcor and me in 2001. She is a very pretty dragon with a princess personality.

On March 15, 2002, Falcor and Buttercup mated. Just after Easter, Buttercup laid 18 eggs (7 were infertile, since it was her first clutch). The 11 baby bearded dragons started to hatch on June 8, 2002. The little guys had the run of our house for quite a while!

I sold 8 of the little guys and gals this summer.  3 "little" dragons still live here -- Minnie (Pink), Max (Dark Blue), and Rainbow (Dark Purple).

Enjoy Falcor, Buttercup, Minnie, Max, and Bow's website!

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